IsogumeShargh Story

The Company

IsogumeShargh is the leading manufacturer and supplier of waterproof bitumen-based insulation products in Iran. The company was founded in 1990. Expanding the core production competence providing innovative solutions meeting all customer requirements, the company's trademark became nationwide synonymous with bitumen-based insulation materials.

Continual improvement of high quality products considering latest international standards led us to a remarkable growth achieving tremendous production capacity by establishing several production sites, equipped with state-of-the-art production facilities, in different geographical places across the country. The “success-story” of IsogumeShargh supported us to gain international customers looking for quality especially in the Middle East, Africa & North Africa, GCC and CIS.

Based on investments in engineering and advance laboratory infrastructure and promoted company's QC (quality control) standards we have conducted various research projects resulting in the development of our own improved cutting edge production technologies over the past years.

Company's products protective to water penetration of any kind of undesired moisture and humidity are suitable to apply in divergent sections of any kind of houses, offices, buildings and constructions from the basement to the roof. We put great efforts to supply high quality, easy applicable, resistible & sustainable energy saving and cost effective insulation products appropriate for contrasting geographical zones with differing climate and weather conditions being considerably above or below ambient temperature.

Customer orientation is one of the major company's values involving appreciable team-work, diversity of products and indeed competitive prices to empower customers to make right decisions supported by IsogumeShargh quality assurance policies.

Nevertheless, realizing our responsibility, we have proved a strong commitment to preserve the natural environment and protect health and safety of our customers, staff and the neighboring communities residing not even close to the company's production plants. IsogumeShargh products, affecting and reducing the energy consumption, are widely applied in green buildings contributing generally to energy efficiency, as well.

Having been recalled with quality, flexibility and reliability in insulation sector provides IsogumeShargh as your selected partner exact solutions to any arised problems through the extremely well-developed network of a great number of the company's distributors and certified representatives across the country.


Maintaining IsogumeShargh leadership in the living geography, increasing exports and performing environmental friendly production.


Achieving company's vision committed to consistently delivering extraordinary values to our customers and identifying ever-going market requirements fulfilling also the principals of our social responsibility.

Customer Services

IsogumeShargh is always at your service. We offer a wide range of custom-design products, developed precisely in accordance to incoming customer enquiries in the company's well equipped laboratories.

Customer-orientation and customer-satisfaction are counted to the most important goals of the company. We put our customers at the center of our focus and initiatives with the objective of providing them with unmatchable levels of services and products.

As a result we have tried to develop a great understanding of customer needs and preferences as an underlying part of company's work philosophy and ethics.

Our well-trained and highly skilled technical team is dedicated to support your questions and requirements regarding the products description, specifications and application. We also provide company's clients professional advice to make the right decision regarding their choice of the demanded products.

In response to the requirements of national and international customers concerning product quality and the related documentation IsogumeShargh provides a product quality assurance for 10 years by issuing a special certificate comprising the most important product technical features based on a proven long-term performance and durability.

We strive to ensure highest customer satisfaction through complete reliability, punctuality, upholding constructive relations, embracing the principles of constant improvement and avoiding negative impacts on the environment.


Eager to evaluate the global market opportunities exports IsogumeShargh Company increasingly and synergetic on a regular basis its products to Turkmenistan, Armenia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Qatar, Oman, Tanzania, etc. located in CIS, GCC, The Middle East and Africa. IsogumeShargh export strategies supported by the high quality of the complete range of various company's products originated by the on-going demands of our international customers should promote our shares in the global market.

One of the most remarkable competences of our technical team is providing also custom-design products applicable in nearly any geographical areas with differing climate zones to meet the requirements of any incoming enquiries. In spite of unlike energy consumption systems and construction & building techniques, IsogumeShargh products are perfectly suitable almost everywhere.

Before exporting our products we take a number of questions including related implications and challenges into consideration such as the on-time delivery and appropriate packing to avoid any predictable damages. By assigning reliable logistic companies our products should reach the target market in an excellent condition responding to international standards and local application regulations.

Establishing closer relationships with the foreign market leaders and the end users satisfaction are considered as major incentives of our export policies. A diversified customer base enhancing our flexibility constitute the company's strong presence in the region.