IsogumeShargh Production Facilities

Production Facilities

To consolidate the company's professional services IsogumeShargh has established the three following major production facilities including related well-developed QC (quality control) departments and advance laboratories across the country rendering provided services as qualified and as quick as possible.

  • IsogumeShargh Production Facility in Mashhad

    It is located in the northeast Iran and enjoys a special beneficial geographic location covering not only the local market in the vast eastern regions, but also Afghanistan, Pakistan and CIS and other neighboring countries requirements.

    Location: Kalat Industrial estate, Asansorsazi St., Kalat Road-Mashhad
  • IsogumeShargh Production Facility in Tehran

    The existence of a major production facility in Tehran was a “must” to strong presence of one of our main offices in the capital city and the business hub of the country which contributed immensely to the development of IsogumeShargh local and international market.

    Location: Eshtehard Industrial Estate, Enteha-ye Abureyhan Biruni, Enteha-ye Molla-Sadra-ye Gharbi, Karaj-Tehran
  • IsogumeShargh Production Facility in Isfahan

    To reduce the transportation costs and providing a faster delivery option for southern regions of Iran IsogumeShargh established a high capacity production plant in Isfahan. Also company's export policies covering incoming enquiries from GCC and Arabic countries supported strongly the demanding undertaking.

    Location: Isfahan-Tehran Road, Km 55