IsogumeShargh Subsidiaries


Providing the comprehensive range of high quality and cost effective required materials for a leading company is always a demanding and deliberate task. For this reason IsogumeShargh established the following important subsidiaries in Mashhad.

  • Mosalas-e Zarin-e Shargh Trading Company

    This significant subsidiary supports us to procure raw materials necessary for appropriate implementation of the various chemical processes involved in manufacturing of IsogumeShargh products at best.

    The company is always in touch with our long-term suppliers but nevertheless is looking for new supplier offering outstanding products which could affect IsogumeShargh products quality and pricing in a remarkable positive manner.

  • Siyah Bam-e Shargh Production Company

    The production unit is in fact a small refinery responsible for providing oxidized bitumen as one of the most essential elements in manufacturing IsogumeShargh products.

    On-going efforts of an experienced engineering team, eager to promote the quality of the oxidized bitumen, are aimed at achieving the expected self-defined targets in accordance to the required standards.

  • Namadsazan-e Shargh Company

    Producing non-woven polyester tissues is the main obligation of this subsidiary of the mother company. This is a further facility to empower IsogumeShargh to keep and promote the desired quality of the company's products and effective product realization. The quality of the applied non-woven tissue plays an extremely important role in providing the desired resistibility of all our products.

  • Azin Naghsh-o Negar-e Toos Production Company

    As a complementary production plant IsogumeShargh established this subsidiary in order to produce required printed plastic covers. The company is equipped with a large capacity production line covering comprehensively the entire demand of our production facilities in regard of applied product covers. All company's products are fully packed in provided high quality printed plastic covers to avoid any problems related to transportation and storage.