Iso Polymer Shargh (Reinforced Bitumen by SBS Application)

The high quality product is based on a kind of bitumen insulation with a penetration grade in the range 60 to 70 at standard test conditions reinforced by SBS polymer. It proves to be highly adhesive and elastic appropriate for almost any type of building surfaces.

Due to the special properties, the application of this product leaves a resistible long-lasting elastic layer on the proposed surface preventing water, humidity and moisture penetration.

Isopolymer is easy handling and suitable for cold or warm application offered in 15 Kg cartons & containers and 170 liter drums.

Isogumshargh Products, Isopolymer Shargh (Reinforced Bitumen by SBS Application)


Isoplolymer provides excellent insulation for:

  • All building surfaces such as the indoor & outdoor walls, ceilings and floors
  • Kitchen, bathrooms and sanitary units exposed to high humidity
  • Concrete foundations of any kind of buildings & constructions
  • Metal surfaces exposed to corrosion

Isopolymer has also the further practical applications:

  • Covering undesired expansion joints of concrete structures
  • Roads and sidewalks asphalt sealing
  • Restoration of old bitumen based insulation installations


  1. High adhesive
  2. High elasticity bearing building sears & sealing
  3. Resistible to harsh environmental conditions
  4. Ability of self-restoration for minimal physical damages
  5. High resistible against corrosive fluids such as sulfates, chlorides, acids and alkalis
  6. Perfect insulation without seams, sealing and overlaps

How to Apply?

To achieve the desired density add required water to the product in cold application.

In warm application the product should be molten down.


Features Quantitative Measurements
Softening Point 90-95°C
Elongation Over 400%
Flash Point Over 250°C