Polymer Modified Bitumen Insulation Membrane

BPE is a superior insulation product based on a special formula combining modified bitumen with elastic polymers developed by IsogumeShargh. It is reinforced by a spunbond and a non-woven polyester layer. The basic materials of this product are fully provided by IsogumeShargh subsidiaries.

Isogumshargh Products, Polymer Modified Bitumen Insulation Membrane (BPE)


This product is available in two options. The first model is an ordinary one suitable for surfaces planned to be fully covered after the installation of the insulation material, whereas the second model is covered by an aluminum foil ideal for insulation of surfaces which are not to be covered after the installation of the insulation material.

The aluminum foil applied on external building surfaces reduces considerably undesired thermal absorption by reflecting the UV radiation.


BPE has a broad application for insulation of various roofs and surfaces, kitchens, sanitary units, bathrooms, building foundations, swimming pools, fountains, etc. This product can be applied on divergent surfaces made of bitumen, metal, stone and bricks.


This product has been manufactured in accordance to regulations of roofing insulating quality control standard No: 3885-3 under the authority of Iran Institute of Standards and Industrial research.


Please refer to Roofing Insulation Standard Guidelines.

Surfaces Suitable for Installation

This product can be installed on concrete, metal, stone and brick surfaces.


The insulation material provided in rolls should be kept away from the sun and on a flat space in an upright position next to each other.


Make sure that all surfaces and even the concrete applied as the building material are perfectly dried; otherwise the insulation material will lose its adhesive function as a result of evaporated moisture penetration into the insulated surfaces.

If the construction operations are to be continued, the insulated surfaces should be covered properly.


Features Quantitative Measurements
Thickness 4 ± 0.2 mm
Length 10 ± 0.1 m
Width 1 ± 0.01 m
Mass per unit area 4.1 ± 0.2 Kg/m 2
Longitudinal tensile strength 50 Kgf/5cm
Transversal tensile strength 35 Kgf/5cm
Elongation (longitudinal) 30%
Elongation (transversal) 30%
Minimum tear resistance (longitudinal) 12 Kgf
Minimum tear resistance (transversal) 12 Kgf
Flexibility in low temperatures -15 °C
Minimum thermal stability +80 °C
Water tightness 60 kPa