The leading manufacturer of waterproof bitumen-based insulation products in Iran

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Our Products Make Your House/Building/Office More Comfortable to Live in!

IsogumeShargh is the leading manufacturer and supplier of waterproof bitumen-based insulation products in Iran. The company was founded in 1990. Expanding the core production competence providing innovative solutions meeting all customer requirements, the company's trademark became nationwide synonymous with bitumen-based insulation materials.

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Moving Forward

Eager to evaluate the global market opportunities exports Isogumeshargh Company increasingly and synergetic on a regular basis its products to Turkmenistan, Armenia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Qatar, Oman, Tanzania, etc. located in CIS, GCC, The Middle East and Africa.

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Innovation Matters

Based on investments in engineering and advance laboratory infrastructure and promoted company's QC (quality control) standards we have conducted various research projects resulting in the development of our own improved cutting edge production technologies over the past years.

IsogumeShargh Research Department

What Are Benefits?

Best Quality Guaranty

Providing a product quality assurance for 7 years by issuing a special certificate comprising the most important product technical features

27 Years Successful Experience

Production of different types of waterproof products considering the latest international standards, providing related technical services since 1990

Technical Consultation

Providing detailed information and advice to achieve the best possible solutions for desired safety of various types of structures

Eco-Friendly Products

Developing a wide range of cost-effective innovative products offering the chance of an overall energy balance improvement and energy costs

+ 90 %

Customer Satisfaction

+ 500  

Active Representatives

Recent Products

Iso Polymer Shargh (Reinforced Bitumen by SBS Application)

The high quality product is based on a kind of bitumen insulation with a penetration grade in the range 60 to 70 at standard test conditions reinforced by SBS ...

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Isogumshargh Products
Isogumshargh Products

Oxidized Bitumen Insulation Membrane (BOF)

BOF is a premium quality product based on a special formula of oxidized bitumen reinforced by glass fiber mats and a non-woven polyester layer ...

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  • Superior Country Industerial Unit In 2001, 2002, 2005, 2009
  • Standard And Safety Materials Award Winner In 2010
  • Best Structures Award Winner In in 2010
  • Official Member Of Asian Pacific Quality Organization (APQO)
CE marking Iran Standard marking